Areas Rail Operations cover

Rail Ops are broken down into three areas. We strive to provide high quality systems that meet the needs of our clients and customers. With the main goal of supporting the railway industry with IT systems that lead to the smooth running of the railway industry.

For the train network to function, there is a high level of planning that goes into it. Rail Operations have created an IT system called VoyagerPlan. VoyagerPlan is a IT system to create train schedules which would form the timetable that each operator wishes to run and then used to create timetables for onward publication.

  • Voyagerplan
  • Timing
  • Diagramming
Rail Operations have three main resource IT systems. These IT systems are vital to the everyday running of the railway system.

  • Crewplan TPS
  • R2
  • MyIntegrale
On the day operations are IT systems that are used on the daily basis from train drivers to train mangers. There are a wide range of the day systems, these are called P2, Genius, Integrale, Genius Mobile, Integrale Mobile, RMS - Electronic Reservation Management System, TDDS.

  • Genius
  • Integrale
  • Genius Mobile and MyIntegrale
  • RMS - Electronic Reservation Management System
  • TDDS
  • FMVC

Rail Planning Systems

Key Systems

  • Voyagerplan

    Produce the service plan more economically and to a higher standard by using VoyagerPlan - a modular-based system used extensively within the rail industry to support the Timetable and Resource Planning process. VoyagerPlan provides full functional support to Train Operators for the UK bid-offer cycle and the creation of both the train plan and the resource plan for vehicles and crews. VoyagerPlan’s Timetable and Diagram outputs are customisable to meet business requirements and are exportable to Microsoft products.


    Within the Timing modules the following is supported:

    • The ability to produce both working and public timetables
    • The ability to manage short-term changes to plans (e.g. cancellations, diversions or re-timings)
    • Associating permanent trains with their STP variations
    • Full ability to quickly edit train schedules (including creation of new services, cancellation or deletion)
    • Ability to roll-forward plans to form new short-term or permanent timetables.
    • Comprehensive security to ensure that only authorised users can access or amend data
    • Comprehensive reports including junction conflicts, platform information, simplifiers, resource coverage etc
    • A publications module, supporting the production of Special Traffic Notices, Pocket Timetables etc


    Within the Diagramming modules the following is supported:

    • The creation of Stock and Crew Diagrams to support train services, based on a comprehensive geography and route database
    • Workflow management to facilitate the progression of trains from timers to diagrammers
    • Full ability to manage short-term changes to plans (e.g. cancellations, diversions or re-timings).
    • Ability to roll-forward data to form new short-term or permanent plan data including automatic re-synchronisation of trains to diagrams.
    • Comprehensive security to ensure that only authorised users can access or amend data.
    • Comprehensive reports including schedule cards, simplifiers, resource coverage etc.
    • Diagram distribution.

rail planning

Rail Resources Systems

Rail Operations have three main resource IT systems. These IT systems are vital to the everyday running of the railway system.

rail resources

Key Systems

  • Crewplan TPS

    Crewplan TPS enables the efficient and effective management of both train and non-train crew. Its modular design and configurable security system make it ideal to enable different users to collaborate to jointly & effectively manage the staff rostering process. The application manages the production of base rosters, validates staff against their terms and conditions and legal directives, guiding the user through the inevitable alterations prior to posting the weekly and daily rosters. Actual work can then be recorded before an automatic transfer is made to payroll. Skills records for staff (e.g. route / traction) are automatically maintained, to ensure that future operations are safe, whilst a comprehensive reporting suite provides the user with information on the availability and status of the resources delivering the roster.


    R2 is the UK’s central asset management system for railway vehicles and components. It is used by around 70 organisations across the UK rail industry, including Network Rail, RoSCos, passenger and freight train operating companies, certification bodies, vehicle builders and maintainers, and component manufacturers and overhaulers. It has been developed in conjunction with RSSB. See RSSB web-site for more information.


    A suite of applications for mobile devices which connect operational staff across the business with Rostering & Control teams, providing access to functions including self-service, roster visibility, train and bus dispatch, passenger assistance management, passenger counts and orientation.

On the Day Operation Systems

On the day Operations Systems

  • P2 / Tornado

    P2 is the key solution for service delivery and performance monitoring from Worldline allowing trains to be tracked and monitored via fully customisable displays and TD maps.


    GENIUS makes an organisation-wide view of train running and predictive information a reality. Designed for deployment in the Service Delivery Centre, maintenance depots and in key stations as required, GENIUS provides users with a view of operational data drawn from up-to-date industry sources. The system links, aggregates and displays this data in views that make identification and resolution of service disruption possible. It communicates the revised operational plan to interested stakeholders and on to Web Gemini for consumption by the wider rail community.


    Integrale is a truly integrated stock and crew control system. It brings cutting-edge technology to the Operational Control Room, moving away from the traditional  architecture to an enterprise solution. One hosted application provides the service for all mainland UK operators, although the system is capable of supporting standalone operation if required. This single hosted installation permits controlled sharing of data between operators where this is advantageous for either planning or operational purposes.

    Benefits include: 

    • A single view of stock and crew operations for the business
    • Removal of system boundaries and constraints leading to a more flexible planning process
    • Collaboration over recovery plans and resource deployments between Operators and Network Rail
    • Greater Control Room staff productivity and rationalisation through simplified business processes
    • Productivity gains in Operations staff and stock through improved asset management
    • Reduced consequental delay to train services in recovery from disruption
    • Enhanced incident and problem management, and support for VSTP planning
    • Delivering quality information to passengers especially in times of disruption.
    • Targeted communication and messaging support
    • Management information and data analysis
    • Customised for the requirements of each customer

    Genius Mobile and MyIntegrale

    GENIUS Mobile makes real-time information a reality for all staff, wherever they are on the rail network. Specifically designed to be accessed via mobile devices, GENIUS Mobile provides instant access to the operational plan, train running, timetabling and reservation information.

    RMS - Electronic Reservation Management System

    Worldline’s Reservation Management System enables reservation data to be transmitted to trains which display electronic reservation information above the seats.


    The Train Describer (TD) Distributer service is a service offered by Worldline which takes a single, country-wide feed of TD information from Network Rail and then reformats and sends on the required data to third parties.


    The Freight Vehicle Maintenance (FVMC) Managed Service controls and monitors the performance of all TOPS based automatic wagon maintenance schemes including:

    • Auto Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) – both standard and mandatory
    • Vehicle Inspection and Brake Test (VIBT)

    The FVMC Managed Service caters for pools of vehicles as required and advises interested parties of problem areas such as large numbers of crippled vehicles, excessive numbers of vehicles overdue maintenance, operator error or misuse and depot loading problems.  The FVMC Managed Service can also carry out and provide statistical analysis of vehicles overdue maintenance, under repair or awaiting repair.




Worldline’s submission for The Williams Rail Review

The Williams Rail Review was established in September 2018 by the UK Government to take an independent look at the structure of the whole rail industry and the way passenger rail services are delivered. As a key supplier to the rail industry across the UK, Worldline has submitted a paper for consideration when setting recommendations. Worldline believes it is time for the UK rail industry to face the reality of the impact of digital technology to bring benefits to passengers and the rail industry as a whole. 
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A brave new world for UK rail

The transport industry in the UK, like so
many others has been hit extremely hard.
But, difficult as it is to imagine right now,
with businesses around the world
struggling to stay afloat and predictions of
profound economic damage, there is a real
opportunity to deliver change that is long
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