Create the required reach to different banks in a smooth and easy way

A third-party provider (TPP) – being a Payment Initiation Service Provider (PISP) or Account Information Service Provider (AISP) – is a role described in PSD2 concerning Access to Account. Banks, financial software providers, retailers, telcos, fintechs, and big techs are all parties that can become a TPP. These TPPs are confronted – depending on where they come from – with different challenges:

  • How to create the required reach to the different banks in a smooth and easy way
  • How to be able to obtain the knowledge on PSD2/XS2A, especially for non-financial players, in order to be able to get the license covering the compliancy procedures and risk-related issues
  • How to be able to work with PIS and AIS services in relation to existing alternatives in a competitive way 


TPPs will have to deal with a new financial ecosystem on a European level. For banks, specifically it means being confronted with a different competitive environment which requires short development cycles and a business model with revenue sharing and different pricing models.

equensWorldline has a unique offering that supports companies who want to become a TPP to handle these challenges. Our WL Access 2 Account TPP Services allow them not just to work with the new basic PIS and AIS services but also to extend this to new services and business models.

Value for our clients

  • Sufficient and cost-effective reach throughout Europe
  • Extensive knowledge and experience of the financial industry



The basic services make it possible for TPPs to handle the PIS and AIS services as described in the PSD2 and Regulatory Technical Standards (RTS) and provide:
  • Standard PIS, AIS and PIIS APIs which can be called upon
  • A developer portal with sandbox where the APIs can be tested by the clients (merchants, corporates, etc.)
  • A reach directory containing the banks which can be reached
Banks or companies starting from scratch to set up a TPP, or that want to concentrate on their core service and are willing to outsource the technical and operational activities would require some of the extended services: 
  • A self-service registration tool which helps TPPs to get their clients easily connected, including exchange of certificates, etc.
  • Basic processing of the APIs including standard dispute management messages
  • An extensive dashboard with access by the TPP to manage its customers and by the customers to manage their transactions
  • Management of granted access rights (for consecutive payments or consecutive account information calls) and execution of these calls
  • For front-end integration: plugins for the AIS/PIS and PIIS services and a bank selection tool to be used for the merchant or corporate website to select the bank
  • Our solution is run on a multi service platform which already processes millions of online transactions.

Practical step-by-step guide for TPPs

Are you considering to become a TPP? Based on recent market consultations, we know that many would-be TPPs feel uncertain if they should become a TPP and if so, what they need to do to best prepare for PSD2. 

This practical whitepaper helps you to understand the potential positions and roles of TPPs when preparing for PSD2.
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