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The adoption of PSD2 challenges the role of banks and their market share. For the first time third-party service providers (TPPs) are regulated, can profit from interoperability, and have access to data that were always within the sphere of influence of banks. But as always, challenges come along with opportunities, so the new regulation allows early movers within the banking industry to play a more active role in the new payment ecosystem.

By monetizing data or by developing extra services with TPPs or even becoming one of them, banks can reshape the customer experience around the bank account services and become ‘the everyday bank’. Not to forget, that the ultimate objective of banks is to retain their customer base and even extend it by improving the customer relationship.  

At the same time, competitors are not inactive. Financial software providers, retailers, telecoms, FinTechs, and Big Techs have shown interest in becoming a TTP. Telecoms for example already have the technology infrastructure and a broad customer base required to start. However, these parties face the challenge of obtaining knowledge on PSD2/XS2A besides complying with strong fraud, security, and risk management requirements.

Our WL Access 2 Account Bank Services allow banks to become compliant in an easy and cost-effective way, manage the risks associated with opening up customer bank accounts, strengthen customer relationships, and create new revenue streams.

Value for our clients

  • Out-of-the-box solution to be PSD2 compliant
  • Minimize the risks associated by providing market-proven solutions on authentication, fraud, and risk management
  • Increase revenues by providing new services, partnering with TPPs or becoming the ‘Everyday Bank’
  • Founded knowledge of the European financial payment industry and payment value chain and experience of the financial industry
  • Market alignment and participation on the definition of Payment Industry Standards (CAPS, Berlin Group, Stet, Open Banking…)

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