We empower society as we deliver our vision of a progressive transition towards a cashless economy in which digital payments will be fast, efficient, ergonomic and trustworthy. Our end-to-end digital solutions help our clients embrace the opportunities of digital interaction with their customers through payments, e-ticketing and omnichannel customer relationship management. Our ambition ensures we are at the forefront of modernity, in digital innovation, trust and sustainability at the heart of everything we do.

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It’s good when your leadership is recognised…


iF Design Award 2020, payment device of the year
YUMI, Worldline’s
game-changing business facilitator for merchants


PayTech Awards 2019
WL Digital Banking Platform


Red Dot Award: Product Design 2019 in the Industrial equipment, machinery and automation category.
YUMI, Worldline’s revolutionary next generation portable and flexible payment device for retailers


PayForum Award 2018
Digital Banking Platform category API


Banking & Innovation 2018
WL Digital Customer Onboarding E-banking & m-banking

WL Mobile Intrusion Protection Cybersecurity

WL 1-Click Card Issuing Processing Neo-banks


2017 MPE mPOS Award
In-Vehicle Payment PoC

2017 Banque & Innovation Award

2017 Banque & Innovation Award
WL Trusted Interactions

WL Authentication Process Management


2017 Assises de l’ADCET  Silver Trophy for Best Innovation
WL Tap 2 Use


2016 MPE Award Emerging Payment award
WL eBanking Payment Services


2016 PayForum Award
WL eBanking Payment Services

WL Connected Piggy Bank

WL Trusted Authentication with FIDO compliance


2015 MPE Awards in mPoS category
Mobile Seller


2015 PayForum Award
New retail Host Point of Sale
(HPE) solution


2015 Banque et Innovation
Digital Assistant


PayForum Award
NFC mobile payment solution


Connected objects trophy
Connected Home Solution with SOMFY


World's best all-in-1 banking app
Mobile banking app for Société Générale


Certified Customer Review


How Will We Pay?

The digital revolution is leading to fundamental changes in how we pay.
This is happening very fast, and businesses need to anticipate and prepare for the next waves of change. Worldline’s regular industry briefings provide insights into what these developments will mean for banks, merchants, consumers and society as whole.

Welcome to the Payments Revolution

This white paper provides authoritative analysis on the future role of cash, cards and new forms of digital payment such as instant payments. The publication considers the impact of changes in regulation and aims to guide readers towards the opportunities and solutions available to the financial services sector and merchants.

For further discussions on this topic, see our blogs about the current divergence in approaches to going cashless and the outlook for the market post PSD2.
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Everything you didn’t dare ask

This latest briefing by Worldline provides industry insights into how and why payment is changing so rapidly and what these developments mean for banks, merchants and consumers. 

With the emergence of blockchain-based crypto-currencies and technology to provide authentication and consent digitally, instantly and seamlessly, this publication examines how the digital revolution is leading to fundamental changes not only in payment technologies but also in the very nature of payment itself.

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A sneak peek into the future of payments

Worldline is publishing a series of use cases in the form of comic strips to illustrate the range of innovative digital payment experiences that customers can expect in the future. The cartoons’ protagonists are fun-loving consumer Emilie and Jack. The cartoons explore the myriad ways in which Emilie and Jack’s payments experiences will become simpler and more intuitive in the future, and how merchants, banks and governments can offer useful additional services that will meet the expectations and aspirations of their end users in the future.
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