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ID Center is a centralized authentication service (identity provider) which transforms the natural identity of a user into his/her actual user account within seconds and unambiguously. For this purpose, ID Center uses biometric characteristics or ID tokens (smart cards) or a combination thereof. Authentication by means of one-time passwords is available, as well. ID Center significantly reduces the volume of help desk calls and ensures compliance with governmental regulations concerning protection of sensible data. 




Fast User Switching and Workflow Authorization using the example of hospitals


Worldline ID Center integrated within clinical applications supports the unambiguous authentication of hospital staff under the conditions of shared workplaces ( by means of fingerprint, palm vein and iris). The frequent change of user accounts or the recurrent authorization steps within a workflow are no longer a headache. 

The introduction of the electronic health record and the progress of digitization in the hospital in general raise the need to protect the access to this sensible data accordingly. Governmental regulations like HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) or equivalent European regulations define a controlled access to the patient records. As a consequence all employees having access to patient data have to have an individual user account. On shared workstations this results in frequent user account switching usually accompanied by entering a user name and a password. Secure passwords must be secure and complex and changed regularly. Due to Worldline ID Center the recurring entry of passwords, password related problems and the related dissatisfaction and frustration of nurses and doctors are a matter of the past.



  • Efficient and convenient support of user switching in the Clinical Information System (CIS) by means of biometric identification
  • Reduced costs due to less password problems (reduced number of password resets)
  • Unambiguous user identification of clinical application users
  • Compliance with HIPAA, EuroSocap, Federal German Data Protection Act, Austrian Health Telematic Act and equivalent regulations




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Workflow Authorization – electronic signature using the example of pharmaceutical industries


ID Center enables the unambiguous identification of the subscriber prior to an electronic signature without much effort. Even hundreds of signatures during a single shift on a production line of the pharmaceutical or chemical and food industry do not stress the employees any longer. Due to the introduction of Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) and Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) the necessity for an appropriate access control for these systems in the production areas of the pharmaceutical (& chemical) industry comes up. The release of process steps and changes formerly done by handwritten signatures is replaced by electronic signatures. Strong regulations (FDA,GDP, ICH etc.) define that the subscriber must be identified unambiguously. Typically strong and complex passwords which have to be changed regularly are used for this purpose. The huge number of electronic signatures and the related effort cause a decrease of production productivity, errors and frustration of the employees. Biometric authentication for electronic signatures produces relief.



  • Less time needed for an electronic signature and therefore increased productivity
  • Reduced costs due to less password problems (reduced number of password resets)
  • Compliance with FDA 21 CFR part 11 (ICH, GMP)


Customer Identification using the example of Patient Identification (PIA)


ID Center identifies within seconds the patient and provides the related medical record number of the patient record for further processing. For PIA ID Center palm vein recognition is used.

Numerous challenges exist in the daily operations of a hospital, including the costly inefficiencies from the duplication of medical records, the negative consequences of mixing the medical identities of different patients and the financial pitfalls of insurance fraud. These problems decline if hospitals exchange the healthcare related data in an integrated health system.

Biometric patient identification supports the mitigation and elimination of these challenges by providing healthcare staff with the required accuracy, security, speed and reliability to authenticate a patient’s identity. This is the base to request the correct patient record and ensure convenience and patient’s privacy at the same time.



  • Recognition of multiple registrations therefore the quality of the patient database is improving constantly without extra effort
  • Improvement of treatment safety due to reliable medical records
  • Cost reductions 
  • Easier handling of the workflows within clinical information systems
  • Reduction of insurance fraud
  • ID Center provides palm vein authentication and optionally fingerprint or iris authentication, as well





Enterprise Workplace


ID Center recognizes a person’s identity within seconds via their fingerprint, palm vein or iris pattern providing the reliable base to secure the access to software applications and data (like Windows Login, SAP, Intranet Web Applications etc ). ID Center significantly reduces the volume of help desk calls and ensures compliance with enterprise or governmental regulations (HIPAA,  GSR, TÜV, UVV-Kasse etc.). For every compliance relevant application the ID Center biometric authentication service is used. Every employee can be authenticated unambiguously either by their individual biometric feature or /and  by smart cards and One Time Passwords (OTP). The authentication result can be audited. Each activity (login, access to data, authorization of e.g. money transactions) is documented for the controlling of compliance.



  • Reduced costs due to less password problems (reduced number of password resets)
  • Compliance with regulations
  • Reduction of fraud through employees
  • Increase of IT security






Secure Self Service - Password Reset


One help desk call for a password reset costs between 40-130€. Typically three to four password resets are required per employee and year (see Gartner Research Note T-15-6454). In order to securely carry out such a reset, however, the employee first needs to be positively identified. ID Center provides the contactless palm vein scanning for this purpose. The ID Center Self Service - Password Reset is offered at kiosk terminals located all over the company. Every employee can, should this be necessary, visit one of the kiosks and carry out the reset himself/herself in a simple, secure and comfortable manner without involving the IT help desk. The ID Center Self Service Password Reset identifies the user by means of his/her unique palm vein pattern and subsequently executes the reset or assignment of a new password.



  • Cost reduction compared to help desk based reset
  • Secure and efficient password reset
  • No intrusion via the help desk (Social Engineering)
  • No identity theft fooling the system how it is possible with less secure methods (like „secret question and answer“)
  • Expandable for self service PKI, issuing of temporary badges or access cards


Biometric Ticket Validation for customer identification


If multi-day passes or even simple day tickets of a theme park are shared among visitors the park operator loses a lot of revenue. Sophisticated high cost personalized passes (e.g. with photo, holograph, chips etc.) are not an appropriate countermeasure. ID Center Biometric Ticket Validation combines a simple paper ticket with the biometric characteristics of the ticket owner. The link between person and paper ticket is created at the first entry into the park by biometrics and can be checked at every re-entrance. Yet the person remains anonymous. Group tickets are supported, as well.



  • Fraud prevention resulting in an increasing revenue
  • Cost reduction due to simple paper tickets
  • Quick ROI -15% more revenue within six weeks is possible according to a big theme park operator




ID Center News




ID Center News


Neues ID Center Release V5.2.1 und das Service Pack 2 sind ab sofort verfügbar.


Das neue ID Center Release V5.2.1 erweitert die ID Center-Funktionalität mit einer neuen, starken Authentifizierungsvariante: Einmalpasswörter/OTP&PIN auf Basis von HW Token, SMS/E-Mail oder Soft Token Apps auf dem Smart Phone.


The new ID  Center release V5.2.1 and the Service Pack2 are available now.

The new ID Center release V5.2.1  adds a new strong authentication method to the ID Center functionality: One Time Passwords (OTP)&PIN based on HW token, SMS/email or soft token apps on the smart phone.

Via the add-on Service Pack 2 ID Center will become an Identity Provider exposing its service by a standardized SAML 2.0 interface.

Are you interested? Please contact our support team.

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