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Worldline Connected Living provides a unique combination of an Internet of Everything (IoE) Services Delivery platform and payment process together with Business Partners services monetization solutions. Initially focused on M2M, Worldline Connected Living is now growing towards new IoE business models.


Our goal is to federate value-add services from a large ecosystem of best-in-class providers that share the same secured access to a Connected Object through our Worldline Connected Living platform, delivered in a SaaS model.



The Worldline Connected Living Enabler improves IoE applications' time-to-market, reduces complexity, lowers the cost of operations, and allows future-proof investments, and grows with your business.


Whatever your Product is, we can connect to it and help you engage with your customers in a profitable way.


Worldline has proven experience in, accompanying our clients in their transformation strategy to go from Product to Digital Services and this has already been replicated in different vertical businesses and in several markets.


Worldline Connected Living provides innovative solutions and business models that comprise M2M, Mobility and Emerging offerings that are suitable for:


  • Connected Vehicle (Cars & Trucks)
  • Connected Home
  • Connected City & Infrastructures
  • Connected Buildings


Worldline, with its device-agnostic approach & pay per use model, delivers End-to-End solutions and orchestrate complex services & sales payment schemes on a worldwide basis.



the city


Key fact:

Worldline was the first market player to implement Connected Living for Renault R-Link  via an Internet Of Cars system with a Mass Market Automotive eStore and the introduction of in-car payment.

Worldline also implemented Internet of Commercial Vehicles solutions for Michelin Solutions with an innovative offering for trucks and, for the Internet of Home, an innovative set of services that will bring new experiences for end-users.



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