Worldline’s Financial Processing & Software Licensing Global Business Line provides end-to-end payment processing solutions for banks and financial institutions and licenses payment software to companies wishing to self-operate their own solutions.


In 2016, Worldline joined forces with Equens, a leading European payments company, creating equensWorldline. This new entity within Financial Processing & Software Licensing offers Europe’s most comprehensive pan-European payments services. Read more  


With Financial Processing & Software Licensing’s best-in-class services and innovative solutions, customers anticipate European regulatory changes, benefit from transformative technologies, optimize their processes and mine data. 



Extensive service offering

Seamless, secure and efficient:

  • Payments services for payers
  • Enrolment, processing, payments transfer and value added services for issuers
  • Back-office processing and payments services provider for banks
  • Payments transaction initiation and support of appropriate channels


Security: transactions you can trust

Worldline secures in-store and e/m-Transactions, complementing its ACS platform for Internet payments and strong authentication methods with anti-fraud solutions, expertise and tools.


Mobile Payments: seamless across Europe

Balancing security and seamlessness, Worldline brings the security of card-scheme certification, customizing its solutions to each country’s requirements.


Secure access to bank accounts

Europe’s forthcoming Access to Accounts rule will require banks to facilitate third-party access to SEPA-area bank accounts. equensWorldline is developing secured and advanced solutions and helping set up the Controlled Access to Payment Services (CAPS) framework.


OBeP: On top of online banking

With 10 years experience in routing services and extensive knowledge of SEPA regulations, equensWorldline has developed an advanced, flexible, updateable Multi-Services OBeP platform.


Instant payments: just round the corner

Instant payments are the next step in the harmonization of SEPA payments. Worldline is in the forefront of developing secured instant-payment solutions, permitting interbank clearing and account crediting within seconds of payment initiation, 24/7/365.


Mobile Banking

WL Mobile Banking boosts banks’ innovation in terms of payments, security or account management, with a customizable mobile banking experience, so banks can capture all of their customers’ digital moments.


Superior licensing solutions

Widely accepted, easy-to-use, dependable and feature-rich, the highly flexible Worldline Pay platform is the market-leading Card Management System (CMS).  


As a platform, Worldline Pay has the capability to expand much more broadly as a global solution and as such stands out today as Market leader in the CMS space. For these reasons, Worldline Pay should be strongly considered for shortlisting as part of any CMS vendor-selecting exercise.





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