Worldline Wallet ticks all the boxes

Worldline Wallet ticks all the boxes

The Worldline wallet is a complete end-to-end, secure and proven payment solution. It is designed to connect consumers to a large range of issuers’ services.


The core of our offer is a cloud wallet server that ensures secure storage of consumer credentials:


  • Payment cards
  • Cardless payment details (such as credit transfer or direct debit)
  • Dematerialized IDs for loyalty programs, ticketing and many other schemes


To ensure these wallet credentials can be used easily and with full security, Worldline provides cutting edge access and authentication technologies. What’s more, merchants and consumers can benefit from dedicated modules:


  • API for easy interfacing
  • smartphone apps
  • extension to mobile EMV payments based on HCE, BLE or QR codes


With Worldline wallet solutions, the long expected unified user experience for remote and in-store commerce has become reality.


Transform your vision into reality with Worldline, the European wallet leader.



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