Public Sector Health

public sector health

the city


Providing citizen with innovative e-services


How to improve public services at lower costs? Faced with this complex equation, the public sector, social services and healthcare providers have undertaken a vast modernisation operation in many countries. By guaranteeing the management of critical applications, while also committing to the best economic conditions, Worldline created solutions that aid the development of e-administration and contribute to simplifying administrative services such as:


  • Government online services
  • Call services, with an interactive voice server,
  • Professional collaborative services,
  • High volume message services,
  • Secure virtual exchange platforms,
  • Multi-channel information services,
  • Roadway security infrastructures (automatic speed control)
  • e-health data specific storage platforms
  • Trusted digital archiving

Based on these needs, we propose service models that are designed to provide guaranteed prices to the benefit of public services via public-private partnerships.







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