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Taking advantage of market changes



The payments sector faces many challenges that are radically changing traditional electronic payments. The speeding-up of internationalisation, SEPA, regulatory and technological constraints, and the emergence of new market players are leading banks to mutualise their resources but also to rethink their economic models.


The markets of acceptance and merchant acquiring have been strongly affected. In response to this, Worldline provides banks with differentiating services that meet the requirements of a strong merchant landscape (from mass-market merchants to large retailers) while taking into account the growing number of interaction points (Distance Selling, Internet, Mobile Phone, Store, Terminal, Checkout).


Likewise, the issuing market is constantly changing. Here Worldline offers its payment cards management solution which combines its expertise in the field of electronic payments with its know-how in the management of customer contact channels. This platform consists of independent modules that are combined according to the functions required by each type of card (prepaid card, gift card, corporate card, payroll card, remittance card etc.). Furthermore, we also offer the latest digitalisation developments through our highly innovative wallet platform.


With over 40 years of experience in the payment business, Worldline is the right partner to strengthen your competitive advantage. Worldline Financial Processing provides secure and end-to-end industrial-scale payment processing and software licensing that matches the highest expectations of our clients and is compliant with the most demanding international requirements.


Multi-channel customer contact


The Internet, whether on computers or smartphones, allows for greater interaction with the final customer by meeting their needs for mobility and for instant services. Insurance companies are therefore changing their multi-channel strategy to meet the new applications on offer today and the growing expectations of their customers.


The new technologies that benefit the physical branches of Insurances companies also reinforce the relationship between the customer and the representative. They make it possible to set up innovative, efficient customer follow-up processes and sales tools, while also promoting today’s insurance companies as modern, innovation-oriented businesses.


In this area, Worldline provides innovative multi-channel solutions that allow insurance companies to increase their conversion rate on the Internet or in branches, as well as enhancing their customers’ satisfaction.


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