TRUST 2020: Trust at the heart of everything we do



Nowadays, a strong and structured CSR approach means good and sustainable business for customers, employees, shareholders and its ecosystem. This is why Worldline has, since its initial public offering in 2014, developed its Corporate Social Responsibility strategy, determined to establish it as a differentiating factor and an essential part in building and developing trust with our stakeholders. Thus,
we once again confirm our commitment by launching our new CSR program: “TRUST 2020: Trust at the heart of everything we do”.


We have therefore defined CSR objectives and we are determined to do everything we can in order to achieve them by 2020. These goals represent an important transformation vector and are built around four main strategic axes: business, people, value chain and environment.


The following Key Performance Indicators, which constitute a strong catalyst to mobilize our people throughout
the Company and represent our specific and measureable 2020 CSR commitments, cover all our Corporate Social Responsibility strategic issues over the next five years:


    Ensuring services’ availability and a 100% response time in line with the commitments undertaken in the Service

    Level Agreement;

    100% of incident response in compliance with Worldline's security policies;

    Increasing client satisfaction to 8/10 and generating €250 million in turnover through sustainable solutions;

    Increasing overall employee satisfaction by 10% and their satisfaction as regards the quality of the trainings


    Promoting gender equity within the company by increasing the number of women in managerial positions;

    Improving performance of the responsible supply chain by obtaining the EcoVadis “Gold” Label and monitor

    suppliers’ performance improvement;

    Being carbon neutral by compensating all CO2 emissions linked to Worldline’s activities and terminals.


Throughout 2016, Worldline will maintain an active dialogue with its stakeholders and will publish progress made towards its 2020 objectives.




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