why work at Worldline?

Every day at Worldline millions of highly critical transactions run through our systems. Making this happen is not just about having a robust infrastructure in place. It’s the quality of our people and what they have in common that enable us to achieve this performance.


Prior to launching Worldline, we did a lot of work to identify and determine our company culture. To be successful, it is important that all our employees share a common set of values and expectations. This was very important during our initial period of growth and construction and remains so in the future.



Shared values


The 7,200 men and women of Worldline are all different but share the same values. You can see it in the way we behave. We are curious and humble – we are learning every day, we keep things simple and everyone engaged. In our fast-moving industry, we are adaptable and life-long learners. Everyone demonstrates the same dedication to quality and efficiency. We have an entrepreneurial spirit and sense of service. And above all, we never turn our back on a challenge. Put together these values nurture a dynamic and innovative team where everyone can develop and grow.

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Shared expectations


When you work at Worldline, you can expect three things:


Innovation:It is everywhere within Worldline. Behind all our services and solutions are creative people and a culture of innovation that spurs us on to greater creativity, promotes our entrepreneurship, and encourages the design and implementation of value-creating initiatives.


Growth: Our employees are our most important assets, which is why we pay special attention to everyone’s development. It probably also explains why turnover at Worldline is low and that our teams are ‘rock-solid’. Within the company, everyone has the opportunity to develop their skills – especially our managers – because our success not only depends on the technologies we develop, but more importantly with the teams that develop them.


Recognition: : We reward our teams by empowering them to make decisions and by giving them the freedom to pursue their objectives. We celebrate our successes and learn from our mistakes.


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Ensuring the well being of our people

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