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Our work with charities

Worldline UK&I are very proud to support the Railway Children charity. The charity fights for vulnerable children who live alone at risk on the streets, where they often suffer abuse and exploitation. These are children that have run away or are forced to leave home and find themselves living on the streets because there is nowhere else to go and no one left to turn to. The charity and its dedicated team of highly committed individuals fight to change these children’s stories in the UK, India and East Africa.


Worldline employees have been supporting the Railway Children charity for many years through participation in annual fundraising events including the Royal Parks Foundation Half Marathon, London 10K and the Rail Rugby Tournament.  In 2016 Worldline sponsored The Mount Kenya Challenge for the Railway Children in which a group of Worldline and other rail industry executives were challenged to climb to the summit of Mt. Kenya to raise money for the charity. As a group the expedition managed to raise an impressive £91,000. Watch the video below and follow their journey to the summit and then to the town of Kitale to meet some of the children the charity supports.


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